LAB 900

High Capacity Sliding-up Door Glassware Washer.

LAB 900 is a high-capacity laboratory glassware washer intended for demanding laboratories that require cleaning large quantities of items daily, with a capacity of cleaning bottles and carboys up to 100 lt / 22 Gal US.

Electrical or steam heated, the unit  is capable of injection washing and drying on up to 3 levels with 4 different rack locations, providing maximum flexibility through multiple chamber configurations, depending on the loaded items’ height. The upper levels can be removed depending on the height of the loaded glassware. The space-saving motorized sliding-up door and convenient onboard chemical storage accessible from the front minimizes the footprint needed, thus maximizing the use of available reprocessing space.

The HEPA 14 filtered forced air drying system helps achieve complete drying of both the exterior and interior of your glassware.

Key Features

Drying Efficacy

Built-In HEPA 14 filtered forced air drying system providing even and fast drying of all type of glassware. Adjustable time and temperature settings for the optimization of cycle duration and energy consumption.

Process Quality

Flow meter for accurate volumetric dosing of chemicals and a conductivity sensor for measuring of the conductivity value during the final rinse phase are available upon request.

Water Quality

Triple water filtering system captures residue preventing re-circulation and extending the pump life.

Easy Access to Chemicals

Frontal storage place for chemical – up to three tanks of 10 lt / 2.64 Gal US – equipped with level control sensors.

User Friendly HMI

High safety and easy to use LCD display control system, allowing for 40 programming options.

Full Traceability

RS 232 dedicated port for printer or PC connection to monitor and validate washing/disinfection cycles.

Steelco Laboratory glassware washers comply with the currents European directives and standards as follow: 2006/42/EC, 2014/35/EU, 2014/30/EU and 2011/65/EU Directives, EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-040, EN 61326-1, EN ISO 15883-1 current standards.

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
1140 x 915 x 1900 mm
44.88″ x 36.02″ x 74.80″

Chamber Volume
~500 lt / 17.66 cu ft

Basket Volume
~350 lt / 12.36 ft cu ft