Loading Accessories

Wash Carts, Trolleys and Conveyors.

Completing our comprehensive selection of tailor-made washer-disinfectors, Steelco offers a complete range of single- or multiple chamber devices, including models with built-in ultrasound treatment and integrated with automation systems. The combination of these devices allows creating complete solutions, with high specialization and productivity, in conformity with possible architectural constraints. Loading racks for the washing of surgical instruments are the shared common feature among all these devices and are presented according to the most diffused typologies of hospital specialization.


Robotic Kits

Steelco provides reprocessing solution for different brands of robotic surgical instruments with dedicated or modular wash carts

MIS Instruments

like Veres cannulae, shafts, HF instruments, trocar sleeves, trocars without lumens, flap valves, work inserts, and other small and micro items

Ophthalmic Instruments

like speculums, calipers, Vannas scissors, tiny cannulae, I/A handles, Phaco hand pieces, and other items

Anaesthesia Instruments

a dedicated module for anaesthesia items like breathing bags and masks, bellows, larynx masks, Guedel tubes, endotracheal tubes, and other instruments

Orthopedic Instruments

like rinsing tubes, working shafts, guide sleeves, bone marrow drills, and other items

Bulky Items

like baby bottles of different sizes, OP theatre shoes and clogs, containers with lids, kidney dishes, bowls, trays, and cassettes

Key Features


Single- or multiple chamber devices, height-adjustable transport trolleys, flexible wash cart configurations: complete solutions for the most diverse requirements.

Safety and Design

Steelco designs, develops, manufactures, and tests all its trolley and wash cart racks in-house, ensuring complete monitoring of the process’s quality, and single-point responsibility for the cleaning system design and function.

Workflow Optimization

Optimal configuration of machines, racks, chemicals, and utilities guarantees the reduction of cycle-time and optimized load procedures.