Furniture for the Preparation & Packaging Area

Workstations, Stools, Trolleys for Prep & Pack Area.

Following cleaning and disinfection, the clean but not sterile goods enter the Preparation & Packaging Area, safe to be handled and ready to be sorted, inspected, and packed. Steelco has a modular approach to designing and building packing workstations around operators according to the tasks they need to perform, maximizing productivity and safety while creating ergonomic solutions and a pleasant work environment.


Stool frames are made of AISI 304 stainless steel with a five-spoken aluminum base mounted on 60mm antistatic castors with gas raising height adjustment between 550mm and 800mm. Available with comfortable padded standard or saddle seats. Options include a backrest, footrest, and footbrake.

Mobile Trolley for Wraps

Made of AISI 304 tubular stainless steel with large diameter casters with brakes for ease of movement and stability. The bottom shelf prevents any loose sheets from falling onto the floor.

Linen Inspection Table with LED Lightbox

Linen inspection table with LED lightbox. Glass backlighted screen 800 x 700 mm in option for any regular standard stainless steel tables.


Made of either high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel or Corian top, Steelco’s SPD worktables for wet or dry goods are robust and ideal for heavy-duty areas. Reinforced frames ensure stability and durability with components TIG welded for joint-free smooth surfaces to aid cleaning and maintain hygiene.