Process Monitoring

SteelcoSure - Performance Verification of Equipment and Processes.

Our SteelcoSure range of process monitoring products tracks the efficacy of the equipment and decontamination processes. Regardless of the brand of washers, ultrasound units, sterilizers, or endoscope reprocessors, it is essential that your equipment is properly cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized according to international and local standards. For these aims, you can rely on SteelcoSure products: at the washing stage, by validating the equipment, monitoring washers and ultrasonic units, and measuring protein residues; and in the sterilization phase, thanks to chemical and biological indicators and dedicated tape for steam and low-temperature sterilization.

Steelco always has proposed business models that deliver value to customers while encouraging green sustainability, including reducing resource use/waste. As for SteelcoSure, our products are lead and toxic-heavy metal-free. Furthermore, we reduced packaging to a minimum to ensure low transportation costs and promote environmental benefits.


Test Soil for Validation

Inner pack: 6 vials per box
Code: 9992104P

Outer pack: 17 boxes per case
Code: 9992104

Liquid Hydrogen Peroxide Chemical Indicator

Chemical indicator for endoscope reprocessors using SteelcoXide H2O2 liquid.

Inner pack: 100 per pouch
Code 9992110P

Outer pack: 20 pouches per case
Code 9992110

Holder - Washer and Ultrasonic Monitor

Outer pack: 2 holders per box
Code: 9992097

Wash Monitor for Washers

Inner pack: 100 per pouch
Code: 9992098P

Outer pack: 20 pouches per case
Code: 9992098

Wash Monitor for Ultrasonic Units

Inner pack: 25 per pouch
Code: 9992099P

Outer pack: 20 pouches per case
Code: 9992099

Long Lumen Protein test

Inner pack: 5 per box
Code: 9992096P

Outer pack: 15 boxes per case
Code: 9992096

Protein Detection Test

Inner pack: 30 per box
Code: 9992095P

Outer pack: 18 boxes per case
Code: 9992095

Q-Water: Professional Water Quality Check

Outer pack: 1 per box
Code: 99911278

Steelco Q-Water BSK

Outer Pack: 20 per case
Code: 99911268

Manufactured in ISO 9001 and 13485 certified facilities that have passed FDA inspections, SteelcoSure products are produced and tested against relevant standards such as EN ISO 15883, 11140 and 11138.