SPE Series

Pharma Grade Closure Processing Equipment

Sterile continuity is the vision. The SPE Series is ideal for treating closures for containers normally used in the pharmaceutical industry, where continuous sterility has to be maintained between different phases. The pharma grade closure processing system fully integrates all the phases of the treatment in an all in one solution:

  • Pre-treatment handling
  • Washing, rinsing & siliconizing
  • Sterilization, drying and cooling
  • Sterile delivery

Compatible with different loading/unloading systems, the unit can also be interfaced with vaporized hydrogen peroxide isolator.

Flexibility and versatility characterize the series devices, available in five models with five different chamber capacities – with a chamber volume ranging from 40 to 240 litres (1.4 to 20 cu ft). The high-quality AISI 316 L chamber with a round cross-section and two torispherical heads ensures an even distribution of load in separate baskets for optimized final results. In addition, Steelco produces a “Closure washer” version (SPE-W series) that only provides washing, rinsing, siliconizing, drying, and cooling phases.

The SPE Series is designed, manufactured, validated, and documented according to the latest global practices and standards to facilitate customers’ compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

Key Features

Flexible Solutions

Five different chamber capacities, from 40 to 240 liters (1.4 to 20 cu ft) for answering the needs of both small or large scale production

Maximum Safety

Reducing or eliminating the number of manipulations during the various process steps effectively reduces the risk of contamination by external factors.

Endotoxin and Particle Reduction

Validated particle reduction> 98% particles > 50μm.  Endotoxin reduction, guaranteed minimum 3 logs. Uniform silicone distribution on individual stoppers and the entire batch

Effective and Fast Drying

Unparalleled drying efficacy, residual humidity < 0.03%. Over 60% process time reduction compared to traditional systems

Easy Maintenance

The machine is developed considering technicians’ access to the maintenance and service area – easy access to all components conforming to safety regulations.

Remote Assistance

The onboard VPN router communicates on the local network with the PLC and the HMI and allows remote connection from a computer, tablet, or smartphone without going on-site.

Product Video

Steelco pharma grade machines comply with the applicable requirements of the following regulations and industry accepted guidelines:

  • cGMP
  • GAMP 5
  • FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11, 211, 820
  • Eudralex
  • PDA Technical Report
  • European and US Pharmacopeia
  • ISPE Guidelines
  • UL and CSA (on demand)

Model Useful volume Volume per basket  Number of baskets
SPE-40 40 Lt / 1.4 cu ft 10 Lt / 0.35 cu ft 4
SPE-80 80 Lt / 2.8 cu ft 10 Lt / 0.35 cu ft 8
SPE-120 120 Lt / 4.2 cu ft 10 Lt / 0.35 cu ft 12
SPE-180 180 Lt / 6.4 cu ft 10 Lt / 0.35 cu ft 18
SPE-240 240 Lt / 8.5 cu ft 12 Lt / 0.42 cu ft 20