SteelcoData Live

Cycle Traceability Software.

SteelcoData Live is the first block of our fully integrated software suite for management and traceability. It tracks and collects your devices and equipment data, which can be later integrated into SteelcoData Pro. A web-based and cloud-ready software that allows real-time monitoring of performance, cycles info, alarms, and consumptions of your washer-disinfectors, sterilizers, and other devices. It also stores historic records and utility usage. The collected information is traced and efficiently visualized for device monitoring and data management at different authorization levels.
The software is composed of two main components: the dashboard and the devices. While the former graphically shows weekly numbers of washes and sterilizations, the latter conveniently visualizes a list of devices currently used in your department, checking their current statuses and their previous cycles.

Key Features

Web Based - Cloud Ready

User-friendly interface entirely web-based and cloud-ready: users can connect to the system via a standard web browser.


Configured using access policies that allow operators to view only information within their area of competence.


Designed for integration with different types of equipment, with administration and finance, warehouse systems and other software applications.


Available in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, and many other languages.