SteelcoData Pro

Sterilization Management & Traceability System.

SteelcoData Pro is our web-based and cloud-ready software for tracking sets and instrument localization and status through each stage of reprocessing, transportation, and storage. Designed to meet the challenges of the increasing complexity of your SPD, the software provides an accurate monitoring tool allowing you to progressively refine your workflow and maintain high-productivity standards. The collected information about the production, shipment, and warehouse handlings helps to precisely quantify and analyze production expenditure, eliminating waste of money and improving cost-efficiency.

Key Features

Web Based - Cloud Ready

A user-friendly interface entirely web-based and cloud-ready: users can connect to the system via a standard web browser.


Configured using access policies that allow operators to view only information within their area of competence.


Designed for integration with different types of equipment, with administration and finance, warehouse systems, and other software applications.

Product Video