TW 3000/2 Smart Tunnel

Double Chamber Washer Disinfector.

TW 3000/2 Smart Tunnel is a fully automatic double chamber washer-disinfector. The double chamber innovative approach increases the reprocessing capacity of the washer-disinfectors reaching a productivity of up to 62 DIN 1/1 per hour. Combining high-performance and a small footprint, It achieves the highest productivity/space ratio and productivity/cost ratios in the market. The Smart Tunnel offers a complete washing and thermal disinfection treatment in the first of its two chambers, while the second chamber is fully dedicated to the forced hot air drying phase. An efficient system carefully and evenly distributing air on all chamber zones and washing cart levels ensures perfect drying of all instruments and tubes.

TW 3000/2 Smart Tunnel is a high productivity device with motorized vertical space-saving sliding doors characterized by a reduced footprint. Thanks to the frontal maintenance access, It can be configured into a barrier system as well. It can be integrated with Steelco ATS (Automatic Transfer System).

Key Features

Reprocessing Flexibility

According to your needs, washing and disinfection of up to 18 DIN trays.

Meeting Tight Spaces Challenge

TW 3000/2 provides a radical increase in productivity without the need for more width space than is required by a conventional single chamber washer.

High Throughput, Low Costs

Thanks to its high productivity, it is possible to decrease their numbers, reduce overall investment, and recover functional space.

Effective Thermal Disinfection

Thermal disinfection is achieved by raising the temperature to 93°C/200°F and holding it for a programmable time. It is also possible to directly set the desired A0 value.

Smart Filtering System

Triple water filtering system—easily accessible from the washing chamber—captures residue preventing re-circulation and extending the pump life.

Drying Efficacy

HEPA 14 filtered forced hot air injection combined with the washing trolley’s rotating arms guarantees excellent drying results.

Product Video

Steelco washer disinfectors are designed to comply with the European EN ISO 15883-1/2 guidelines on decontamination.

Overall Dimensions WxDxH
1150 x 1775 x 1980 mm
45.27″ x 69.88″ x 77.95″

Chamber Volume
~500 lt / 17.66 cu ft

Wash Cart Volume
~350 lt / 12.36 cu ft

Load Capacity
Up to 18 DIN 1/1 trays