Steelco LifeScience washers disinfector & Sterilizers
Steelco provides customized product solutions and project management support to fulfill any client needs. Steelco washing systems provide validated results in standard products and patented technical solutions in customized machines.
Steelco equipment epitomizes the essence of ergonomy, safety, productivity, automation, high throughput, usability, reliability, traceability, allergene protection, operator safety, quality design, energy saving capabilities.

Small washers

Small range for the cleaning and disinfection of feeding bottles, animal cages and fish tanks.

Large range and automated tunnel washer

Devices for the treatment of bottles, racks, cages and tanks, automated and robotic systems: cage and rack washer, automated tunnel washer.

Feeding bottles treatment

Automatic or semi-automatic devices for thorough treatment of feeding bottles.

Controlled environment

Decontaminated research environments and laboratories.

Steam sterilizers for research

A full range for any size of facility. Steelco sterilizers for every research needs
Steelco TeleSupport and SuperVisor

Steelco TeleSupport and SuperVisor

Software and services to control the full functionality of the istalled devices.

Video Corporate - Steelco

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