R-APPIT at JBZ: higher wellbeing and lower costs

The R-APPIT packaging robot makes the sterile packaging process at instrument reprocessing sites automatic.

How can it improve workflow, increase job satisfaction, and lower costs?
Jeroen Bosch Hospital is the perfect example of the opportunities this technology offers.


Improved workflow

Many surgical instruments which are needed during surgery procedures are stored in DIN trays. From small basic sets to larger instruments, each operation requires different equipment, which undergoes cleaning, disinfection, checking, packaging, and sterilization phases in the SPD. Thanks to R-APPIT, the packaging and labeling of surgical sets becomes an automatic procedure, offering considerable advantages over manual procedures in terms of speed of execution, consistency, and logistics. Moreover, it minimizes the risk of human error or contamination whilst maintaining packaging integrity.

Higher job satisfaction

Any employee of an SPD can have permanent complaints from packing surgical kits and medical sets, like pain in wrists, elbows, shoulders, and/or back. This usually results in an increase in absenteeism within the SPD, which might be a problem in times when staff is scarce.
SPD operators working at Jeroen Bosch Hospital pack about 500 operating sets per day. R-APPIT packaging robot can lower their manual work by 75 to 90%. This gives them the opportunity to add value in other areas and do something that suits them better. By reducing the monotonous packing work and the downtimes, employees experience higher job satisfaction and an increase in well-being.

Higher savings

To this day, packing medical instruments is a manual process worldwide and therefore error-prone. As packing is done according to special folding protocols, automatizing this task with R-APPIT is easy and error-proof: the quality of packing is guaranteed and consistent, as there is no human error due, for example, to distracted or tired operators.

A sustainable solution

Besides being error-proof, R-APPIT is also a sustainable solution.
The operating sets are packed in pre-cut sheets, which might be too big for some sets. This is why, when manual packaging procedures are undertaken, six different sizes of packaging sheets are needed. R-APPIT cuts sheets to size from a roll and only two sizes of packaging rolls are needed. Cutting rolls according to the kit/set to pack results in a saving of packaging material of no less than 20 to 25%.


If you wish to install R-APPIT in your SPD, contact us and we will work closely with you to ensure that the robot fits in well with your daily packing practices.

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