Decontamination Area

Meeting customer flexibility and increased productivity requirements within the limited area of a refurbishment project is frequently a challenge. Steelco’s space-saving and technically advanced solutions, fit into even the most space-restricted departments with tailored “fast cycle“ process configurations to enable you to maximize throughput. State-of-the-art Power Pulse Cleaning technology can reduce the workload involved in manual pre-cleaning, whilst a range of flexible loading systems and wash rack modules help ensure high productivity in the tight spaces of a busy SPD.

Prep & Pack Area

Customized solutions can help to increase ergonomic work practices and capacity in space-constrained departments. When the use of automatic loading or unloading conveyors is not feasible, Steelco provides smart solutions such as washer-disinfectors with a foldable shelf for the unloading of wash carts or multi-level powered wash rack storage shelving systems. For sorting and packing your items, furniture and packing area equipment can be customized to your department’s dimensions to ensure flexibility, and ergonomic comfort, with surfaces designed for easy cleaning.

Sterile Area

Steelco's loading equipment assures effective and ergonomic transport of baskets and containers with integration for automatic conveyors. Real-time measurement of actual saturated steam conditions with long lumen penetration ensures sterilization conditions are met with information on all stages of the processing of instruments recorded with advanced traceability systems. Low-temperature sterilizers ensure the safe and efficient sterilization of heat-sensitive goods.