In the preparation and packaging area, healthcare professionals carefully inspect each item for cleanliness, functionality, and any damage or defects. Instruments and equipment are sorted, assembled, and packaged according to specific protocols and standards.
This area is often physically separated from the decontamination area through a barrier system and may have restricted access to maintain the integrity of the clean environment.

Overall, the clean area in an SPD is dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness and quality of processed items, ensuring they are safe for use in healthcare procedures. It plays a vital role in preventing infections and safeguarding the well-being of patients and healthcare professionals.


Most of our automation systems are specially designed for the processing departments where time and space are at a premium. By automating loading, unloading, transport, recognition, and packaging procedures, they optimize the workflow and greatly reduce both the risks of contamination and those associated with manual operations.


Proper labeling, identification, and documentation of items are crucial in the preparation and packaging area to ensure traceability and accurate inventory management. Quality control measures are implemented to ensure compliance with cleaning standards, and regular monitoring and testing are conducted to validate the effectiveness of the washing process.

To ensure accuracy and consistency during the entire instrument workflow, Steelco has developed a web-based, cloud-ready, and modular software suite called SteelcoData Suite. It monitors devices’ performance, cycles, and consumption; il tracks sets and instruments through each stage of reprocessing, transportation, and storage; and it helps refining the workflow to cope with times of increased demand whilst maintaining safety and efficiency.

Correct disinfection

Washing instruments correctly depends on both using the right chemicals and periodically maintaining devices.

Steelco offers a wide range of chemicals to clean different instruments based on their composition and use. To save time and costs, increase operators’ safety, and decrease mistakes it is also possible to install a centralized chemical dispensing system – SteelcoChem – specially designed to supply the right amount of chemicals to different washers in an SPD automatically.

Furniture for the Prep & Pack Area

The preparation and packaging area is designed to minimize the risk of contamination and maintain strict cleanliness standards.

It typically includes workstations, specialized equipment, and storage areas for organizing and preparing items for sterilization.
Steelco has a modular approach to designing and building packing workstations around operators according to the tasks they need to perform, maximizing productivity and safety while creating ergonomic solutions and a pleasant work environment.