Air Differential Seal

It provides a solid AISI 304 stainless-steel flange bolted to the sterilizer body, and stainless-steel panels inserted between the flange and the building structure such as ceiling, floor, and walls.

All panels are tightly fitted to their adjoining surfaces with seams filled with silicone. The air differential seal can be made in a single piece (non-dismountable) or in different pieces (dismountable).


This solution includes two stainless-steel 304 flanges – one fixed or welded to the chamber and a second one fixed to the building structure. Flanges are connected via long-life flexible gasket to ensure the complete airtightness. If there are any leaks through the screw holes, leaks remains into the contaminated area.

BSL-3 and BSL-4

For any sterilization cycle in BSL-3 or BSL-4 facilities, there are two conditions that need to be addressed from a containment standpoint:

  • the air evacuation phase;
  • the steam bleed during the sterilization dwell period.

It is during these conditions where potentially harmful pathogens and/or viruses can be emitted to the building drain system and/or the surrounding environment.

Biocontainment solutions can be paired with effluent decontamination solutions to reduce cross-contamination probability to zero.

Effluent Decontamination and Other Features

To prevent harmful pathogens and viruses from exiting the sterilization chamber during the exhaust and vacuum phases, the condensate produced during the processing cycle is decontaminated before discharge to the drain. The drain is controlled by an hydrophobic 0.22 μm (8μinch) filter and both filter and condensate are sterilized during the cycle.

For an even higher safety level and to avoid the risk of release of non-sterile and unfiltered fluids, Steelco offers several additional safety features:

  • Additional filter for effluent decontamination
  • WIT set-up for external or automatic filter integrity test
  • Bypass for effluent decontamination filter
  • Drain separation for decontamination feature
  • Incinerator for effluent decontamination.