A selection of high-capacity laboratory glassware washers and dryers provides fast, reliable, and efficient washing and drying results.

Our complete range of glassware washers and dryers, carefully designed to effectively treat daily use materials in scientific laboratories, provides optimum cleaning/drying and maximum safety, ensuring unrivaled levels of efficiency. Tailor-made custom options, combined with a wide selection of trolleys and accessories, meet the most diverse treatment needs.


The Small & Medium capacity VS L Series of steam sterilizers is a full range of devices developed to provide the perfect solution from the smallest facility to the largest laboratory department, with up to 11 standard chamber sizes ranging from 110 to 920 liters / 4 to 32 cu ft. Mainly used to sterilize heat-resistant and moisturestable materials (e.g. glassware, metal parts, liquids in sealed or vented containers, porous loads, etc.) autoclaves can also reprocess biohazardous material. In their double door version, steam sterilizers play a key role as part of the building containment system in biosafety level laboratory applications (BSL-3 and BSL-4).

Best-in-class technologies provide unrivaled efficiency levels to reduce energy and water consumption.