Uncompromised Performance

Steelco offers flexible and customizable solutions through a wide range of compact washers and dryers.

Performance is never compromised as these devices share washing and drying technology of higher-throughput devices, providing excellent washing results and drying efficacy.

A large selection of vertical or frontal loading laboratory steam sterilizers is available to match any workflow need.

Increased Loading Capacity

Two innovative technologies, available for Steelco LAB 610 G2 washer, bring loading capacity to the next level.

SmartLoad System supports the use of up to three baskets on telescopic runners which can be flexibly positioned and connected to the water circuit at four different levels. This allows various loading combinations to accommodate a variety of different goods.

SimpleLoad System further increases capacity by making glassware loading more flexible, more intuitive, and safer. New injection nozzles, plastic supports, and support grids make positioning easy, quick, and self centering and ensure the best cleanliness.