Steelco DS Optima PH

The fastest pharma GMP washer to market: ready for FAT in just 3 months!

The new DS Optima PH is a compact-size, cost-effective, pre-configured yet customizable full-GMP washing machine.
Designed to run different cycle combinations, selectable from the operator panel, it can perform the following phases with adjustable setpoints and durations:

  • Pre-wash
  • Wash with or without detergent(s)
  • Rinse with recirculation
  • Recirculated or single-pass.
  • Drying
  • Cooling

Customisation is always available as cycle requirements are analysed and configured during design phase, according to the items to be cleaned.

Thanks to its large 1200 liters washing chamber with repeatable and validatable washing results and minimum water and energy consumption, DS Optima PH is the perfect solution for those pharma plants that need:

  • Immediate availability of a GMP washer
  • Possibility to perform the FAT remotely
  • Greener alternatives to standard washers
  • Cost-effective yet validatable results
  • Ergonomic loading trolley for simple and easy entry of the loaded rack.


Discover the benefits of DS Optima PH or download the brochure.

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DS Optima PH

DS Optima PH

A Compact-Size, Cost-Effective, Pre-Configured Full GMP Washing Machine.

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