Steelco VS L Series

Looking for excellence? Discover the VS L series of steam sterilizers for scientific laboratories and research centers.

Efficient, versatile, and intuitive, Steelco autoclaves are developed to sterilize glassware, liquids, and tools, ensuring maximum performance and energy efficiency. Steelco has developed a full range of steam sterilizers to provide the perfect solution. Up to 11 standard chamber sizes with a volume from 110 (4 cu ft) to 920 liters (32.5 cu ft) are available and meet all load and configuration needs, from the smallest facility to the largest laboratory department.

VS L sterilizers are available with high-quality AISI 316L stainless steel pressure vessels that are PED and ASME marked or according to the directives of the country of destination.

Our experienced layout design team is always available to support you in the planning of new facilities or in the upgrading of existing laboratories. Our process engineering team can develop cycles specifically to best meet your needs.

Discover our comprensive range and configuration options: VS L Series—Small & Medium Capacity Range and VS L Series—Bulk Capacity Range.

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