MIS Instruments

like Veres cannulae, shafts, HF instruments, trocar sleeves, trocars without lumens, flap valves, work inserts, and other small and micro items

Ophthalmic Instruments

like speculums, calipers, Vannas scissors, tiny cannulae, I/A handles, Phaco hand pieces, and other items

Anaesthesia Instruments

a dedicated module for anaesthesia items like breathing bags and masks, bellows, larynx masks, Guedel tubes, endotracheal tubes, and other instruments

Orthopaedic Instruments

like rinsing tubes, working shafts, guide sleeves, bone marrow drills, and other items

Wash Cart Recognition

Magnetic scanning of the modules selects the optimal cleaning and disinfection cycle from the washer’s stored-program database, choosing the best program to ensure maximum cleaning and disinfection efficacy whilst reducing cycle time, water usage and energy consumption.

Magnetic scanning is available on Steelco DS and TW Series.

Removable Levels

Depending on the device in which they are to be used, Flexible Loading System wash carts can be equipped with removable levels for OR/trays with connections for injection modules. Modules dedicated to instruments of different surgical specialties can be easily inserted into a base wash rack.

Here is an example.

Reliability & Serviceability

On each of the upper levels of the mobile unit, 2 special connections for washing modules to reprocess special items are available.
Connections on the mobile unit are provided with a spring-loaded plug. When a module is coupled, the plug opens to allow the flow of water to the module. When a module is removed, the spring closes the connection and no action from the user is needed.

Trustworthy High-level Filtration

Excellent washing results are provided thanks to high-level filtration, which is achieved through: a 800 tubular filter to reprocess hollow instruments; a filter in ply stainless steel mesh for mobile units, for particles ≥ 0,07 mm; a single easy-to-clean filter for all lumens connections.

Practicality & Effectiveness

Swivel anti-torsion hose system for easy instrument port connection avoiding water flow restrictions.
Swivels are typically designed to allow free rotation with minimal friction, ensuring that hose and connections are safe, efficient, leak free, easy to maintain, cost effective, and long-lasting.