Main Advantages

The technology offers you three main advantages in terms of:

  • Time reduction – high-capacity pre-heating tanks directly connected into the washing chamber through large valves effectively reduce cycle time;
  • Water-saving – the water recirculation tank allows the recycling of the disinfection water into the next washing cycle, reducing energy and water consumption;
  • Reduced energy consumption – through reduced cycle time and thermal isolation.

Our Fast Cycle machines configuration depends on washer model and can be personalized regarding tanks numbers, functions, and heating temperatures to best adapt to customer needs.

Three Configurations Available

1 Tank

The pre-heated 85 °C / 185 °F demineralized water tank radically reduces thermal disinfection process time and, consequently, total cycle time. Pre-heated demineralized water flows directly to the washing chamber without any pump activity and the shortest possible heat loss.

2 Tanks

The preheated 65 °C / 149 °F hot water washing tank drastically reduces washing process time and, consequently, total cycle time. The same tank is then used to preheat the rinsing water while the machine is performing the washing phase. Saving heating time prevents the washing chamber from cooling down, thus reducing energy loss.

3 Tanks

The needed amount of pre-washing cold water flows from the first tank directly to the washing chamber rapidly and without any pump activity. Following customer procedures, pre-heated rinsing water can be recycled from the previous cycle thermal disinfection water thus significantly saving energy, water, and time.